Kansas City Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

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Club Contact Information

Email:  info@kcsgsoccer.org

Office Line:  816-897-9956

Office Hours:  Monday - Thursday, 10 am - 2pm

Office Address:  5000 East Bannister Road, Kansas City MO 64137

(Office located in the north west corner of Homefield KC)

KCSG Office Hours & Usage Policy

Important Contacts

Important Contacts

Kansas KPSL Team Registration - Dan Naidu dnaidu@kcsgsoccer.org

Missouri Registrar – Joshua Welty jwelty@kcsgsoccer.org

Treasurer & Demosphere Questions – Jennifer Mathis jmathis@kcsgsoccer.org

Team Registration Coach/Team Manager Questions – Jennifer Mathis jmathis@kcsgsoccer.org

Request Club Certificate of Insurance for Facility Rentals – Jennifer Mathis jmathis@kcsgsoccer.org