Kansas City Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

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Parents / Players,

We would like to refresh your understanding of how the Club is using Social Media.  The Club continues to partner with Page Communications to help in managing our social media strategy by working with our Team Managers and Coaches on gathering and posting content to our Social Media sites.  

As we continue to build the KCSG brand, we are asking for your help to build our social media presence. There are many, easy ways to support their social media efforts, outlined below. We appreciate your support and thank you!


FOLLOW Kansas City Scott Gallagher on all social media platforms: Please make sure you are FOLLOWING KCSG on all social platforms if you don’t already!

· KCSG Website: www.kcsgsoccer.org

· Facebook ( @KansasCitySG ) : https://www.facebook.com/kansascitysg/  

· Instagram ( @KansasCitySG ) : https://www.instagram.com/kansascitysg/

· Twitter ( @KansasCitySG ) : https://twitter.com/KansascitySG


ENGAGE with KCSG on social media:

· Like, comment or share our Facebook posts

· Like, comment or regram our Instagram posts

· Like or retweet on Twitter

· Like, comment or watch our YouTube Videos or Playlists


POST on your personal pages:

· Did you take a great action shot during a game? We encourage you to post on your PERSONAL social media pages! When doing so, we ask that you please tag us, mention us in the post, use the hashtag, or add your location. By doing this, we will see that content and are able to SHARE that content on KCSG pages (note: you must have a non-private Instagram and Twitter account in order for us to see/share your content).


Tagging Kansas City Scott Gallagher:  

· Facebook @KansasCitySG

· Instagram @KansasCitySG

· Twitter @KansasCitySG

· YouTube: KCSG


Hashtags for Kansas City Scott Gallagher: #KCSG #KansasCityScottGallagher #KansasCitySG