KC Select will be holding a Parent informational meeting on Monday, Feb 29th, 2016 at the Gamber Center, 4 SE Independence Ave, Lee’s Summit, MO 64063, at 6-7pm for parents of players U7-U11 and 7:30pm-8:30pm for parents of players U12-Highschool. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss and allow for parent questions in regards to the announcement from US Soccer regarding calendar-year age groups and new small sided formats starting for June 2016 team formation and tryouts. Prior to June 2016 tryouts we will be evaluating coaching assignments, team formation and grouping of players based on their current teams and considering the US Soccer mandated changes.

As of August 25, 2015 US Soccer mandated that all youth soccer change to birth year rostering of teams and also change game formats for number of players on the field for certain ages. US Soccer is the governing body for the sport of soccer in the United States. The mandates apply to national youth soccer organizations that are members of US Soccer, to include US Youth Soccer, US Club Soccer and AYSO, to name the more familiar organizations. KC Select is a member of the Missouri Youth Soccer Association, which is a member of US Youth Soccer and a member of US Soccer. The US Youth Soccer board voted to implement the Birth year registration starting in the Fall of the 2016-2017 season. All leagues and tournaments in our area will be making the change, therefore KC Select will be enacting these changes for the June 2016 tryout cycle. The remaining US Soccer mandates will be enacted in 2017-2018.

Documents from US Soccer explaining the changes:

KC Select Soccer Club – Frequently Asked Questions for Competitive Players

  • Why did US Soccer decide to switch to Birth (calendar) Year? Besides being in line with the other 208 countries around the world, the change will also provide more consistency across the country among all the member youth soccer organizations. It also allows parents to have a better understanding of exactly what they should expect from a soccer program for their children.
  • How do I know which team my child will participate in? Players born between January 1 and December 31 of any given year will all play on the same team, unless a player is “playing up” in an older age group.
  • How do I know what age group my child will participate in? Birth year registration is based on the year the season ends. For example, for the 2016-17 seasonal year, players would register based on their age in the year 2017. To determine the age group, subtract the birth year from the year the season ends. A player born in 2003 will be a U14 player for the 2016-17 soccer year (2017 – 2003 = 14).
  • Can my player “play up”? We will look at each player on an individual basis. We will evaluate each player based on skill level and placement for continued development, coaches’ recommendation and team needs.
  • How will my child’s team be affected? These changes can and will impact existing teams in the short-term. There are a variety of factors that require teams to evolve and adapt and Birth year registration supports the development of the individual player as a priority over a team’s success. KC Select is very confident that each player will have a team and we will be able to form teams with the new players joining the club. KC Select prides itself on providing a great soccer experience and will continue to do what is best for each player.
  • What happens to the players on teams who are not in high school the first year? Teams in the 2016-17 with the Birth year of 2002 will have some players participating at their respective high school soccer programs. The younger players in the Birth year will still be in middle school and they will play on their respective Club programs. Heartland Soccer Association has for many years provided a Division within their league to provide the opportunities for players in this situation. They will do so again for the next seasonal year. KC Select will form teams to compete in this High School ‘Division’ with the players not participating at the high school soccer programs. KC Select will provide every opportunity for our players to continue their participation in an organized soccer environment that also meets their individual developmental needs.