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KCSG Juniors

KCSG Juniors

KCSG Juniors - Ages 4-9 (Formerly YDP)

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Juniors Program Information

2020 - 2021 Information U5-U8 Players

2016 - 2015 - 2014 - 2013 - 2012 Birth Years

Note on Spring 2020 Refunds:  Credits have been issued to your Demosphere Household Account and may be used for 2020-2021 Season - If families prefer a cash refund, contact info@kcsgsoccer.org.

KCSG Juniors Program Information

KCSG Juniors

The Juniors program is a 10 month pre competitive program for players born in the following years:  2016 (u5), 2015 (u6), 2014 (u7) and 2013 (u8).   KCSG has dedicated significant resources to ensure all children entering the program are given every opportunity to build passion for soccer.  KCSG Juniors provides players the coaching staff, curriculum, facilities, technology, communication and the atmosphere to explore the sport of soccer and to develop a true love for playing.  

Our goal is for every player participating in KCSG Juniors to have a positive experience with soccer.  If the sport is not fun for them, they will never have true passion and drive to strive for excellence.  We also believe in developing strong individual technical players.  If we can provide all young players with a significant base of technical ability and love for the game, the players will be ready for a lifetime of enjoyment with soccer.  Not everyone will be a professional soccer player, but every child should be given an opportunity to maximize their abilities and skill sets to achieve the most out of the sport they possibly can.

Quick Facts:

Dedicated Professional Staff: 

Mike Mathis  | KCSG Director of Player Development and Programs

Sarah Wallace | KCSG Juniors Director on the KS side.  

KCSG Shield Values  “THRU Passion” - Everything we do at KCSG encompasses our Shield Values:  Tradition, Humility, Respect, Unity and Passion.  Soccer is more than a spot to us and we support parents in shaping children into adults that serve their communities and make this world a better place.

State of the Art Facilities
- KCSG has invested in brand new facilities that were created for the benefit of our players and families.  Our facilities are some of the cleanest and safest in the country.  They are unparalled and ceate the best environments for your child's development.

Homefield KC Bannister

Homefield KC Olathe

Olathe Soccer Complex

Proven Curriculum that supports Scott Gallagher style of play and dedication to soccer excellence.  Curriculum focuses on individual player development and will use challenges, contests, series etc….to provide motivation, passion and work ethic.

Communication Tools - parents and players need to be communicated to and have access to training information and support resources.  All coaches, players and parents will have access to our KCSG Juniors App that will house  all training sessions, skills challenges, videos and additional communication tools.

Practice and League Play - consistent practice sessions, built in breaks and league opportunities.

Affordability - KCSG is doing everything possible to keep our fees affordable and flexible to provide opportunities for all players to get involved and have a great first experience with soccer.
If you are interested please register today for Pre Tryout Camp (free), Tryouts/Evaluations (free) and/or the 2020-21 Junior Program.

Annual Rhythm

Annual Rhythm

Annual Rhythm

Consistent practice sessions, intermittent league options and built in breaks!

It is important for the program to have kids participate that are committed to the program.  We need kids to consistently attend practice sessions so that we can appropriately progress the group.  However, we do know families/kids may have other interests and commitments and the annual rhythm and flexible league participation will provide families opportunities for breaks if desired.

Fall Season:  Mid August - Mid October
U5U6 1x per week for 9 weeks
U7U8 2x per week for 9 weeks
Participate in KC Youth Development League vs other local club teams:  6 games + Jamboree for a total of 8 games.
Tournament Optional for U7U8 players

Fall / Winter Break - Mid October through Mid November

Winter Season:  Late November - Mid February
U5U6 1x per week for 9 weeks
U7U8 1x per week for 9 weeks
Participate in KCSG Winter League at Homefield KC:   8 games.
Indoor Tournament Optional for U7U8 players

Winter / Spring Break - Mid February through Mid March

Spring Season:  Mid March - Mid May
U5U6 1x per week for 9 weeks
U7U8 2x per week for 9 weeks
Participate in KC Youth Development League vs other local club teams:  6 games + Jamboree for a total of 8 games.
Tournament Optional for U7U8 players

Program Fees & Payment Options

Program fees

Fees and Payment Options

We will allow new players to join at any time! 

If you are not for sure your child will fully commit Option 2 is your best choice.  This option will give us the ability to freeze or cancel your remaining payment.  

All players will pay their initial Down Payment that will not be refunded and if you start a league you will need to finish it.  However, you are not obligated to play future league and if you decide not to continue we can stop monthly coaching fees.

The fee structure is incredibly generous for what you are receiving with regards to uniform, coaching, facilities, and league fees.  

KCSG has invested in our program to ensure the Juniors have an affordable, high quality program.

Option 1:  Full Payment Up Front

U5U6 annual total - $610
U7U8 annual total - $760

Includes - Uniform Kit: Two Shirts, 1 pair of Shorts, 1 pair of socks
 - All Practice Rental Fees for the year
- All Coaching Fees for the year
- All League Fees for the year (Fall, Winter and Spring)

DOES NOT INCLUDE:  Tournaments Fees if you choose to participate


Option 2:  Down Payment + Monthly Fee + Pay as you go League

Down Payment includes your Uniform Kit and Practice Fees. 


Ages                                                         U5/U6               U7/U8

Down Payment                                          $200                 $250

Monthly Coaching Fee                               $25                   $35

League Fee (Fall, Winter, Spring)           $75/Season       $75/Season


Tournament & League Play is optional and would be collected upon commitment

Getting started with KCSG Juniors

Getting Started

The KCSG Juniors program will start in Mid August.  However, the process begins this summer.  Families interested in joining our program will have several opportunities to check out our program and to receive additional information if needed.

We will allow new players to join at any time

NOTE:  The KCSG Juniors do not have “tryouts”.  We use the tryouts as an evaluation period and as an opportunity for parents to explore our program and to ask questions.

Pre Tryout Camp - June 15, 16 and 17.  This camp is FREE and will be conducted during the day at Olathe Soccer Complex OR an evening option will be provided at Raytown Soccer Complex.  

Tryouts - June 19 -  Again, this is an evaluation opportunity and a way to gauge your child's interest and to ask questions.  

Register for KCSG Juniors - if you have made the decision to participate in the 2020-21 KCSG Juniors Program you can register immediately by clicking here

Contact Us

Contact us

KCSG Director of Player Development and Programs
Mike Mathis:  mmathis@kcsgsoccer.org 

KCSG Director of Kansas Juniors Program 
Sarah Wallace: swallace@kcsgsoccer.org



Juniors Program Information

Juniors Coaching Staff Juniors Coaching Staff
Juniors Curriculum Juniors Curriculum
Communication Tools Communication Tools
Juniors Fees & Payment Options Juniors Fees & Payment Options

Missouri Practice & Game Location - Homefield KC

Homefield KC

5000 Bannister Road

Kansas CIty, MO 64137

Missouri Location - Homefield KC

Kansas Practice & Games Location

Homefield Olathe

2115 E Kansas City Road

Olathe, KS 66061

TurfZone Map

Olathe Soccer Complex (OSC)

10550 S Ridgeview Rd

Olathe, KS 66061

Olathe Soccer Complex

Contact Us

Contact Us

KCSG Director of Player Development and Programs
Mike Mathis:  mmathis@kcsgsoccer.org 

KCSG Director of Kansas Juniors Program 
Sarah Wallaceswallace@kcsgsoccer.org